TIGER SILVER DOLLAR 1 to 1.5 INCHES (Metynnis fasciatus) HARD TO FIND

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Metynnis is a genus of serrasalmid fish from tropical and subtropical South America.

They are herbivorous or omnivorous,  and inhabit a wide range of freshwater habitats, ranging from rivers and streams (both fast- and slow-flowing), to floodplains, flooded forest, lakes, pools and reservoirs.They generally reach 8–15 cm (3–6 in) in standard lenght although a few species may reach up to 18 cm (7 in). 

The genus contains many of the species known as Silver Dollar in the aquarium trade.

This beautiful fish, a serrasalmid and thus a relative of piranhas a pacus, is still enigmatic for scientists. The species Metynnis fasciatus has been described on the basis of a young fish from Brazil (Rio Capiru). The type specimen is regarded as lost. The species is identical with M. hypsauchen in all respects exept the coloration in young specimens. In M. fasciatus a pattern of regular and bold stripes exist which is lacking usually in M. hypsauchen. Until now no adult specimens with a regular stripe pattern is known to scientists and it was thought that M. fasciatus represents only a rare juvenile phase of M. hypsauchen. Ref: Aquarium Glaser gmbh

Ideal for community fish tank. They love to swim in shoals, so they look great in small groups. (4-6)

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