THE FLIER CICHLID 2.5 TO 3 INCHES UNSEXED ( Archocentrus centrarchus )

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Archocentrus is a genus of cichlid fish from Central America. It currently contains a single species, the flier cichlid (Archocentrus centrarchus), which is found in stagnant and slow-moving freshwater habitats such as lakes, ponds, ditches, swamps and rivers in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Archocentrus centrarchus is an easy fish to keep. They are not that aggressive, but since they are large, should be placed in a tank that fits their size. A single pair can be kept in a 15-20 gallon tank.

This robust Convict type first typed by Gill and Bransford in 1877 is a great fish. This fish, similar to the Convict Cichlid, also develops great brood care and pair bonds. This fish is nicknamed the Flier Cichlid because of its similarity in body shape to the Flier (Centrarchus macropterus), a North American sunfish.

Archocentrus centrarchus is easy to breed. This fish goes through an amazing color change when it breeds, losing most of its color for a jet black and gray barred breeding dress. This species is a substrate spawner and will lay eggs on almost any hard surface you give them. These fish are great parents, so don't be afraid to leave the fry with the adults.


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