SUPER RED HONEY GOURAMI 1 TO 1.5" (Trichogaster chuna)

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Size: 1 TO 1.5"     

Trichogaster genus contains many of the more popular gouramis traded in the industry, including the “Pearl gourami”, “Moonlight”, “Snake skid”, “Three spot”, “Blue”, “Silver”, “Gold”, “Opaline” and hybrids in the same genus.

All gouramis belong to the suborder Anabantoidei and are commonly known as the labyrinth fishes. These fish are characterized primarily by an accessory breathing organ called the labyrinth organ. The labyrinth organ is located next to the gill cavities and is made up of folded membranes mounted on a bony frame. The delicate tissue has a high concentration of blood vessels and functions much like a terrestrial lung. If a labyrinth fish is denied access to the air it will drown because the gills alone will not provide sufficient oxygen to the fish.

Trichogaster chuna  is readily available in the aquarium trade and is a good subject for those new to the hobby given its peaceable nature and relative adaptability in terms of water chemistry. It’s sold under various names including a number of selectively-bred ornamental strains have also been produced including ‘red’, ‘sunset’, and ‘golden’, for which care is identical to the natural form.


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