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Vieja is a genus of cichlid fish from the Pacific slope of Central America and Mexico. The majority of the species are freshwater fish found in stagnant or slow-moving waters of southern Mexico to El Salvador. 

They are high-bodied cichlids that reach lengths of up to 17–35 cm (6.7–13.8 in) depending on the exact species. Historically, Vieja was included in Cichlasoma. 

Sand substrate, drift wood and rocks are suitable decorations, although due to their vegetarian tendencies, plants are not a good idea, unless you want to include them in the menu.

Vieja Zonatus is a large, colourful Central American Cichlid with lots of character. When provided with the correct amount of space this can be a fantastic fish to keep.

They are omnivorous. Pellet food should be readily accepted and vegetable matter such as spirulina should make up a good portion of this fish’ diet. This species often feeds on vegetation in the wild. 

Vieja Zonatus is a must have fish for your Great Central American Cichlid Collection

The second Pic are the babies we are selling so YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU SEE. They are already bluish color.

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