GREAT YELLOW-TAIL ACEI 2.75" TO 3" UNSEXED (Pseudotropheus sp. "acei")

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Pseudotropheus is a genus of fishes in the family Cihlidae. These mbuna cichlids are endemic to Lake Malawi in Eastern Africa. Source: Wiki

Pseudotropheus sp.  "acei" These mbunas are omnivorous but prefer plants and algae in their diet. If they are to be fed staple, then any food made for African cichlid will do. Most vegetable matter will work as well. These fish are possibly the most peaceful fish in the Mbuna family, and because of this it is not necessary to have a male to female ratio. Their preferred water conditions are a pH of above 7.5 and a temperature of 78–82 °F (26–28 °C). They like a tank size of 55 gallons or more. Source: Wiki


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