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Parachromis is a genus of cichlids native to Central America. Some species occur in Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua. All species are predatory and relatively large for cichlids.

Parachromis dovii, known as Red Wolf among the aquaristsare fairly new to the hobby and are only starting to circulate. The genetics are somewhat unknown, but it appears as though most of them change from pale white to orange-red as they age.  Mature males will have red spots. 

The Red Dovii or Gold Dovii appears to be a xanthic mutation that displays reduced pigment, a base yellow or gold coloration, and iridescent red or orange spotting instead of the characteristic blue spots normally exhibited by wild Dovii Cichlids.

This species is named after John Dow, an avid fish collector working for the Panamá Railway Company as captain of their steamer "Guatemala". Following the rules of naming, his name has been latinized (by Günther) to read Dovius and then transformed in the genitive to give dovii. In some papers the name "dowi" is apllied mistakenly by not latinizing Dow's name as the original author did. This etymology was taken from the Cichlid Room Companion. I selected it because I found it interesting as a general knowledge. 

Origin: from coastal fresh waters of Central America, with their range extending from Honduras South to the Panama/Costa Rica border.

First picture is of an adult..  we are selling juvenils 3" (second and third pictures).. you will get what you see.. 

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