MALAWI TROUT 3.5 INCHES UNSEXED (Champsochromis spilorhynchus)

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Champsochromis is a small genus of cichlid fishes endemic to Lake Malawi in east Africa.

The main characteristic of Champsochromis are the widely-spaced, unicuspid teeth.

Champsochromis spilorhynchus is a rather robust cichlid and can stand some fluctuation in the pH, but it is recommended that the pH of the aquarium water be maintained between 7.0 and 8.5. It is advisable to keep the temperature constant at a value between 23 and 28° C. Males Champsochromis spilorhynchus can grow to a total length of about 35 cm. In the aquarium males are almost permanently territorial.

In the wild this fish can be found over sandy and muddy substrates.

They accept Dry fish food, but it is advisable feed them at least once a week with small live food. (Guppy Feeder, etc.)

It is one of the most exotic African Cichlid to find.

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