CUTE & BEAUTIFUL SPOTTED LEOPARD GOURAMI (Ctenopoma acutirostre) 1.5 Inches

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The Anabantoidei are fish distinguished by their possession of a lung-like labyrinth organ, which enables them to breathe air. The fish in the Anabantoidei suborder are known as anabantoids or labyrinth fish, or colloquially as gouramies. Some labyrinth fish are important food fish, and many others, such as the Siamese fighting fish and paradise, are popular as aquarium fish. Source: Wikipedia

Labyrinth fish are endemic to fresh waters of Asia and Africa.

The leopard bush fish (Ctenopoma acutirostre), also known as leopard bushfishspotted ctenopomaleopard ctenopomaspotted climbing perchspotted leaf fishspotted cichlid or spotted bushfish, is a freshwater fish. It is a member of the family Anabantidae, which is part of a group popularly known as labyrinth fish (gouramies and relatives). It come from African basin of the Congo.

Good tank mates for the leopard bush fish include medium-sized gourami species, bala shark, silver dollar, Corydoras, Plecostomus species, Ancistrus catfish, and anything that won't fit into its mouth.

The best food is a live blood worm, tubifex and other live food of similar size, but we have adapt them to eat regular dry high protein fish food. But always we feed them at least two times a week with any live food available.

They are really a exotic fish to have in a community tank, it swimming slow but its Leopard skin pattern stands out among the others. 


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