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Vieja is a genus of cichlid fish from the Pacific slope of Central America and Mexico. The majority of the species are freshwater fish found in stagnant or slow-moving waters of southern Mexico to El Salvador. 

They are high-bodied cichlids that reach lengths of up to 17–35 cm (6.7–13.8 in) depending on the exact species. Historically, Vieja was included in Cichlasoma. 

Vieja hartwegi is an easy fish to keep in aquarium.

Sand substrate, drift wood and rocks are suitable decorations, although due to their vegetarian tendencies, plants are not a good idea, unless you want to include them in the menu.

Feeding Vieja hartwegi  is not a problem; they are eager eaters of any regular fish food offered, but may also take small invertebrates.  

Adult coloration in V. hartwegi and V. breidohri are also somewhat different, with V. breidohri having a gray-blue metallic base with a reddish area in the throat, while V. hartwegi has a yellowish-orange base coloration and an extended red area in the lower part of the body. The base of the dorsal, anal and caudal fins is rusty red in adult V. breidohri, and blue with red spots and margin in V. hartwegi. 

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