GREAT GUAYAS CICHLID 1.5 INCHES ( Amphilophus hogamooborum )

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Amphilophus is a genus of cichlid fishes from Central America, ranging from southern Mexico to Panama. The genus currently contains 23 species, including several that are well-known from the aquarium trade. But, some species are being evaluated to be reclassified in the genus Astatheros.

Amphilophus hogamooborum is a large substrate-spawning Central American Cichlid native to Choluteca River Basin on the Pacific slope of the Honduras.  Common names for this fish are Guayas Cichlid and Harlequin Cichlid.

Like all members of Amphilophus, this fish gets big and can be aggressive, although less so than other members of the genus. Full grown males easily exceed a foot in length and females might be a couple of inches smaller.

In breeding color, they are similar to Amphilophus amarillo displaying distinct black stripes on a golden background. Both males and females may have red highlights. Non-breeding and juvenile individual display stripes, but have a more neutral tan or grey background.

Its rich coloration makes it a desirable addition to any tank with large Central American cichlids.

Mainly feeds on snails as does its close relative Amphilophus xiloaensis. The pharyngeal jaw apparatus is adapted to crush snail shells in having molariform teeth.

Amphilophus hogaboomorum is an omnivorous fish and easy to feed. Juveniles will readily eat small pellets. Larger adults will require suitably sized food. I fed Dainichi Veggie Deluxe, Tetra Cichlid Sticks, New Life Spectrum Thera, HBH Soft and Moist and Xtreme pellets. They are not picky.

In our tank they have been well adapted to received high protein content Cichlids Pellets, however we offer them live food once a week.

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