GEOPHAGUS BALZANII 2.5 TO 3 INCHES (Gymnogeophagus balzanii)

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Gymnogeophagus is a genus of cichlid from South America, where they are known from various river basins (notably Rio de la Plata and Lagoa-dos Patos-Mirim) in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina. They are part of a group popularly known as eartheaters.

G. balzanii can be distinguished from all others in the genus by it's high body, being significantly higher body than other genus members. This elegant body shape makes it among the most attractive fish in South America. It is one of our favorite fish.

G. balzanii is omnivorous by nature, but we include some live food in his diet two times per week. Its habit of "earth eating", they intake a mouthful of substrate and using complex mouth structures filter out the copepods, algae and other edibles while expelling the undesirable material through the gills, so it helps to keep clean the tank substrate.

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