BEAUTIFUL REDTAIL SHARKMINNOW 2" (Epalzeorhynchos bicolor)

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Epalzeorhynchos is a small ray-finned fish Genus of the family Ciprinidae. Its members are – like some other cyprinids – known as "freshwater sharks" or simply "sharks". 

The description of these animals as "shark" is most likely a reference to the shark-like shape of these popular cyprinids.

Epalzeorhynchos bicolor; syn. Labeo bicolor, also known as the redtail shark, It is an active fish that is entertaining to watch and will provide countless hours of fun. Due to their non-fussy nature, they are very easy to feed, and once settled into their aquarium shouldn’t offer too many difficulties to keep happy.

This fish is widely known for its impressive looks; it has a completely black body with a vibrant forked red tail.

The Red Tail Shark is an omnivore and in the wild, its diet will consist of plants, crustaceans, and other small insects.

They are also algae-eater, and you will see them scraping algae from stones in your tank.


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