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Botia (Indian loaches) is a genus of freshwater fish in the loach family (Botiidae). 

One special characteristic of this loach group is the ability to produce a loud "clicking" noise, which is commonly heard during feeding time. This noise stems from a special type of pharyngeal teeth that are used to extract snails from their shells. For aquarists, this gives the botia a practical application, as they can be used to fight a snail infestation.

Another peculiarity of botia is that they are often seen resting on their side or in other strange positions. While this can be normal, healthy behaviour for botia, it is rarely observed in other types of fish. The unusual habit often causes needless panic for the inexperienced aquarist, who mistakenly assumes their fish is ill. Source: Wikipedia

Botia kubotai, is a recently described species that has quickly become a popular tropical fish for freshwater aquariums.

Botia kubotai is omnivorous botton feeder and will accept most food types offered to freshwater fish including snails, small shrimp, sinking pellets, blood worms, and black worms.

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