3 GREAT GOLD SWORDTAIL 1 MALE 2 FEMALE (Xiphophorus hellerii)

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Xiphophorus is a genus freshwater fishes in the family Poeciliidae of native to Mexico and northern Central America. The many Xiphophorus species are all called either platyfish (or platies) or swordtails. The type-species is X. hellerii,. Wikipedia 

 Like most other new world Poeciliids, platies and swordtails are live-bearers that use internal fertilization and give birth to live young instead of laying eggs like the bulk of the world's fishes. 

Swordtails are generally very peaceful and make excellent community fish. Males can however turn aggressive towards each other once they reach sexual maturity, so it is advisable to house only one male with several females in an aquarium.

The Gold swordtail are beautiful Yellow swordtails fish available. They will look great in a well planted tank. Please see pics attached.

They are a great add for your community tank !!!!!


We normally ship one males and two females.

 Live Arrival guaranteed..!

In the very rare event of DOA, please, send Pictures of the whole unopened bag  within two hours of first delivery attempt.

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