3 CHINESE ALGAE EATER 1.5" (Gyrinocheilos aymonieri)

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Gyrinocheilus is the single genus in the family Gyrinocheilidae, a family of small Southeast Asian cypriniform fishes that live in fast-flowing freshwater.

The mouths of these fish have developed into a suckermouth, which allows the fish to cling onto objects in the fast-moving water of their habitat. They therefore stay close to the bottom.

Gyrinocheilos aymonieri is commonly known as the Chinese algae eater, sucking loach, and honey sucker. They are often bought as algae eaters because they will readily eat algae when young, but with age, their preference changes towards meatier foods, such as prepared aquarium foods, frozen crustaceans and small fish.

It Great for a community Tank !!!!!

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