BEAUTIFUL CLOWN PLECO 1.75 TO 2 INCHES L104 ( Panaque maccus)

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Panaque genus is identified by the teeth, which are spoon-shaped. This means that the teeth are noticeably wider at the tip than at the base. Other loricariidae have teeth that are similar width all the way from one end to the other. A second distinguishing feature is the lack of a buccal papilla, which is a "flap of skin" on the inside of the mouth. 

Panaqolus maccus, commonly called the clown panaque, clown plecostomus, clown pleco is a dwarf loricariid. By numbering systems such as the L-number system, this fish may also be known as L104.

The poster Pic is of an adult, please see all the pics so you will see the babies we are selling. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU SEE

They are beautiful and healthy. Good as an algae eater !!!!

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