5 CUTE RASBORA SCISSORTAIL (Rasbora trilineata)

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As all the members from the Genus Rasbora they are native to freshwater habitats in South and Southeast Asia, as well as southeast China.

Choice of decor is not as critical as water quality although this species does look particularly effective in a well-planted tank with a dark substrate. To see it at its best a biotope-style set-up can also make an interesting project. A soft, sandy substrate is probably the best choice to which can be added a few driftwood roots and branches, placed in such a way that plenty of shady spots are formed. If you can’t find driftwood of the desired shape common beech or oak is safe to use if thoroughly dried and stripped of bark.

Rabora trilineata is a popular species also known as the ‘three-lined’ rasbora and provided a large enough tank is available it is an excellent choice for those new to the hobby. The ‘scissortail’ moniker is derived from the characteristic twitching motion of the caudal fin when the fish is at rest.

This species is very peaceful indeed making it an ideal resident of the larger, well-furnished community tank. As it places no special demands in terms of water chemistry it can be combined with many of the most popular fish in the hobby including other cyprinids as well as tetras, livebearers, rainbowfish, anabantoids, catfish and loaches.

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