1/4 Pound AquaMax Fry Starter 100 High Protein Fish Food 0.8 mm


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AquaMax Fry Starter 100 !!! FREE SHIPPING !!!

1/4 POUND /  8 OZ   

Crude protein (min.)...........50%
Crude fat (min.)...............17%
Crude fiber (max.)..............3%

.6mm to .8mm Crumble Sinking

Appropriately sized for frys of several species

 100% nutritionally complete,  balanced diets  for starting fish

and early growth phases for both

carnivorous and omnivorous species.

Little waste and optimal feed conversion

 High digestibility; Significant nutrient absorption, which also means cleaner water

 Orders placed before 6pm will be shipped the following day..!!  Monday to Friday (orders placed Friday after 6 pm and on the weekend, will be shipped on Monday)


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